b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Handling with careAnthony Timbrell (left) and Steve Rae (right)A message from our CEOs We adopted an industry best-practice approach to assess oursustainability footprint when developing our At Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, sustainabilitySustainabilityStrategy, using the United Nations Sustainable in practice means we are committed toDevelopment Goals as our framework, and mapping our and consider people, the environment,current performance and future opportunities. our community and partnerships, ourThank you to those who provided feedback throughout stakeholders and business performance,the processour sustainability journey is one of constant not only in our daily operations, but in ourreflection and improvement, so your positive and constructive planning now and for the future.comments about our achievements to date are encouraging. DBCT Management Pty Ltd and Dalrymple Bay CoalThe strategy, framework and actions consolidate the great Terminal Pty Ltd are two distinct organisations, united bywork we have done so far, and give us a contemporary ashared commitment: to address current and future social,foundation to plan for the future. environmental and economic challenges facing our businessOur success will be determined by the progress we make, through a robust, balanced and evidence-based sustainabilityandthere will be challenges; but we also know we cannot strategy and action plan.achieve our goals alone. This is why we are focusing on Sustainability is about being open and transparent, doingfostering partnerships and collaboratingwith our people, whatwe say we will do, and contributing to lasting benefitsour community, and our stakeholders, industry peers and forour community, region and beyond. Caring for andother organisations.committing to people, managing our environmental footprintWe are proud of our achievements and the improvements and creating lasting value for our stakeholders are corewe have made, and are looking forward to the opportunities principles. To us, sustainability includes fostering a collectiveahead of us. We stand by our commitment to handling culture of efficiency, resilience and innovation. with care, contributing to the sustainable development We are acutely aware of the great responsibility that comesofthe region, and shaping a positive future for our people, with managing and operating the terminal alongside andcommunity and partners.withinan area of unique importance, and are dedicated toensuring our systems, processes and initiatives promote environmental stewardship. While the terminal has been part of the Mackay region in Queensland, Australia, for almost 40 years, we wantAnthony Timbrell and Steve Raeto ensurewe remain a viable, dependable business intoChief Executive Officer, DBCT Management Pty Ltd, andthe future.Thisthinking underpins our commitment toChief Executive Officer, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd.apurposethat hasfar-reaching, enduring benefits. 2'