b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Community and PartnershipsCommunity and PartnershipsWe connect with the community and local and global partners to drive positive change.We take our social responsibility and our relationship withthesurrounding communities extremely seriously. Focus AreasOur partnerships and connections with the community,Stakeholder Engagement and Communicationindustry and researchers both locally and across theCommunity Investment, Sponsorship globewillhelp us achieve our sustainability objectives. andPartnershipsSDG alignment Sustainability Reporting and EducationIndigenous and Cultural PartnershipsIndustry OutreachResearch and Reef Partnerships\x1f\x1e\x1e+ SPONSORSHIPS What we are already doingFY\x12\x1e\x1f\x11/\x1f\x0f INCLUDING:Since 2005, DBCT has strengthened collaboration withCASE STUDYthecAll A Partnering in Reef Protectionommunitbilities y through a Community WCorking Grommunity oup Mackay Accommodation toenable open information sharing relating to environment, and SupportDBCT partners with the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac social or economic issues. Agency Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership to support a regional Ongoing financial support of the Mackay Chamberwater quality monitoring program. The program is Sarina MensPCYC Mackay ofCommerce, a key business body providing supporta collaborative effort with regional industries and Shed NAIDOC tolocal businesses.Celebrations government agencies to provide awareness in waterway Contributing over $450,000 in sponsorship funding per year,and reef health. DBCTs five-year commitment to the ConservationiBalance familypartnership has seen contributions which exceed DBCT provides financial support to a range of initiatives Volunteerscyber safety and grAoups in the local region, including disabilitprogry suppam ort$517,000 to date.ustraliaand advocacy, indigenous and cultural community events, housing support and assistance, youth and domestic WhitsundayVolunteer2020 FocusviolencVoice pres Yograms.outhMarine RescueLiterature Festival Review current sponsorship program andalign withsustainability objectives.Strengthen our connection with the local Indigenous community.Communicate the Sustainability Strategy withinternal andexternal stakeholders.Commitment to further support HR2R Partnership monitoring program until completion.\x1f\x1e\x1e+ SPONSORSHIPS FY\x12\x1e\x1f\x11/\x1f\x0f INCLUDING:All AbilitiesCommunity AccommodationSarina MensPCYC Mackay NAIDOC Mackay and Support Agency Shed CelebrationsConservationiBalance family cyberWhitsunday VoicesVolunteer Marine Volunteers Australia safety program Youth Literature Festival Rescue22'