b'Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT)We play a major part in our regions is a vital link in the global steelmakingprosperity and in the community. supply chain. Our unique location is both a privilege The high-quality coal we handle onand a challenge. behalf of our customers is used to buildWe have a responsibility to the the infrastructure we all depend on, toenvironment, and our people, community make the products we all use, and toand stakeholders. We know our future produce the energy on which we rely.depends on handling ourresponsibilities with care.Our Strategy Our PrinciplesSince terminal operations commenced in 1983,Our sustainability principles have been DBCT has embedded sustainable practices indefined to underpin decision-making daily operations. This includes environmentaland future planning, to balance core stewardship, community engagement, safety,business goals with our responsibilities. workplace diversity, proactive managementWe are committed to: of issues such as dust, noise and stormwater, ensuring the safety and wellbeingand operational efficiency.of our people Building on programs and initiatives already in place, DBCT has developed a Sustainability Strategya joint commitment ofprotecting and monitoring the DBCT Management Pty Ltd as owner, and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd as operator.environmentinwhich weoperateInnovative thinking, long-term planning and collaboration willconducting our business according to the be balanced with economic drivers and the responsibilities that come with working in and caring for a unique location onhighestethicaland performance standards the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.supporting our community throughDBCTs Sustainability Strategy and its initiatives are built aroundengagementandinvestment45 material issues, identified and analysed through extensive consultation across the business and with external stakeholders. Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a platform to help test and shape our commitments, we are using four key pillarspeople, environment, business performance, and community and partnershipsas the framework for our initiatives and programs. With an extensive and detailed list of projects and initiatives identified, DBCT is now in the process of refining and prioritising actions which will be categorised under the four key pillars. 1'