b"FOCUS AREAManaging Terminal FootprintBACKGROUNDACTIONThe terminal is located in close proximity toEnhance environmental impact management neighbouring communities and has offshorethrough a review of current practices, infrastructure within the GBRWHA. DBCT mustidentification of improvement opportunities proactively manage potential issues to meet regulatoryandappropriate communication.and community expectations.DELIVERABLEGOAL 'Environmental Management StrategyTo minimise potential impacts from site operations on people and the environment.FOCUS AREAWaste ManagementBACKGROUNDACTIONDBCT has made significant progress in wasteMinimise waste generation and address reduction and recovery however greater terminalsustainable procurement.sustainability will be achieved through the reviewDELIVERABLEof resource usage and identifying opportunities toWaste Management Strategyreduce, reuse and recover.GOALTo strengthen the culture of waste reduction and introduce principles of a circular economy.FOCUS AREAClean and Safe ShippingBACKGROUNDACTIONDBCT is proactively partnering with relevantInfluence clean, safe and efficient shipping.organisations to investigate cleaner vessel strategiesDELIVERABLEand education on shipping performance.Clean and Safe Shipping ProgramGOALTo ensure safe and efficient movement of commercial vessels. 27"