b"DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Taking ActionBusiness PerformanceKey Strategic ActionsFOCUS AREATerminal EfficienciesBACKGROUNDACTIONDriving terminal efficiency and maximising use ofAdopt an innovative, collaborative and strategic existing footprint is a key consideration in terminalapproachto improve terminal efficiencies.management. Increasing terminal efficiency isDELIVERABLEnecessary to support an efficient supply chain. Terminal Efficiencies StrategyGOALTo optimise throughput and terminal efficiency, andreduce vessel waiting times.FOCUS AREAChange Management and Risk ManagementBACKGROUNDACTIONStrong governance is essential for a sustainableStandardise the approach to change business. Rigorous and cross-disciplinary consultationmanagementandreview the current approach and involvement in projects and policy decisions istorisk management.critical, asisthe management of environmental, socialDELIVERABLEand financial risks and opportunities. Change Management Process andGOAL Plan for Management of RiskTo ensure a 'whole of business' integrated approach to change management and the management of risk.FOCUS AREALong-term ProsperityBACKGROUNDACTIONThe current DBCT Master Plan outlines the futureRobust, evidence-based long-term planning.expansion pathway for the terminal to meet theDELIVERABLEdemand of access seekers. The scope of the PlanUpdated Master Plan with a broaderwill be expanded to consider broader sustainabilitysustainability focus.considerations including advances in technology, regulatory changes, resource availability, geopolitical, and climate change considerations.GOALTo ensure the long-term prosperity of the terminal forthebenefit of all stakeholders.28"