b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Taking ActionTaking ActionEach pillar of the Sustainability FrameworkThe key strategic actions have been developed to provide covers specific Focus Areas. A Key Strategican overview and a strategic approach to consolidating Action has been developed for each Focusinformation, determining scope, creating a future vision Area and targeted actions and initiativesanddelivering potential pathways and targeted actions.have been identified which will contribute to achieving the defined goals.PeopleKey Strategic ActionsFOCUS AREASafetyBACKGROUNDACTIONSafety is a core value and focus for DBCT. The needContinue to embed a positive and proactive todrive positive safety culture has been reinforced. safetyculture.GOAL DELIVERABLETo foster a culture of caring, reporting andPositive Safety Culture Strategyresponsibility.FOCUS AREAPositive Culture and LeadershipBACKGROUNDGOALDBCT is focused on continuing to buildTo foster a positive cultural change.apositive,supportive and empowering culture,ACTIONthatintegratesdiversity and inclusion, talentDrive positive and proactive leadership.attractionand retention, and effective communication,ledbyproactive leadership. DELIVERABLECulture and Leadership StrategyFOCUS AREAProactive Communication and Innovative ThinkingBACKGROUNDACTIONInternal communication pathways are essential for theEnsure open, clear and transparent pathways ideas and knowledge sharing that will drive innovation. toshareinformation and ideas.GOAL DELIVERABLETo improve and drive communication and innovation. Internal Communication Strategy and InnovationStrategy24'