b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Taking ActionCommunity and PartnershipsKey Strategic ActionsFOCUS AREAStakeholder Engagement and CommunicationBACKGROUNDACTIONRegular and proactive engagement and communicationImprove connection with local community will ensure the needs and expectations of stakeholdersandstakeholders.arefully understood and met. DELIVERABLEGOAL External Communication StrategyTo meet expectations through open and transparent communication.FOCUS AREACommunity Investment, Sponsorship and PartnershipsBACKGROUNDACTIONA long history of sponsorship and community supportDevelop a long-term strategic approach has been offered by DBCT. The need for a moretosupporting thecommunity.comprehensive and structured approach to investment,DELIVERABLEsponsorship and partnerships has been identified. Community Investment, Sponsorship GOAL andPartnershipsStrategyTo define goals and identify focus areas which align withsustainability objectives.FOCUS AREASustainability Reporting and EducationBACKGROUNDGOALHolding ourselves to account to demonstrate ourTo provide open and transparent reporting progress and commitment to the Sustainabilityofsustainability progress.Strategy isessential. We also have a valuableACTIONopportunity to educate our people and ourActively review and report on sustainability community about the importance sustainability. progress.DELIVERABLEEmbed DBCT Sustainability Strategy and sustainability reporting process.30'