b"DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Our JourneyOur JourneyThis timeline charts DBCTs milestones and sustainability achievements over the life of the terminal.19931983First stockpile sprayingConstruction complete infrastructure installed\x0f\x0e.\x0cMtpa capacity Joined Port of Hay Point First dust suppression 1990 Ambient Air and Noise infrastructure installedStage \x0f Expansion to \x01\x01.\x0cMtpa Monitoring Program1984 1991 \x0f millionth tonne of coal loaded \x0f\x7f\x7f millionth tonne of coal loaded1999 Installation of low noise conveyor idlers 1994 Stageand \x0e Expansion to .\x0cMtpa 1997ISO/Quality Management Oshore waste water return systemStage \x01 Expansion to \x01.\x0cMtpa System Certied1998 1995 Wagon inloading automationInstallation of belt cleaning system Oshore wastewater return system2003 20072000First wagon wheel washingHealth and Wellbeing First Terminal Master Plan in Rail Receival Program established20022003 2005 Stage \x0c andExpansion ISO/Environment Management System Certiedto \x0c.\x7fMtpaCommunity Working Group established 20082013 2010First wagon vibrators installed Environmental InitiativeISO/Occupational Health Sponsorship Program Program establishedand Safety Certied formalised2012 2009 Inaugural AECCTN WaterX Expansion to \x0cMtpaBenchmarking Study2016 Water Quality Improvement Program (WQIP) 20192014Began support for HR\x01R water Safety systems upgrade/One billionth tonne monitoring program ISO \x0e\x0c\x7f\x7f\x0f certified of coal loaded Qld Premier's Sustainability AwardWQIPFlexible Work Program2015 2018 Joined Mackay-Whitsunday HealthyIncident Management System upgradeRivers to Reef Partnership (HR\x01R)8"