b'FOCUS AREAIndigenous and Cultural PartnershipsBACKGROUNDGOALDBCT recognises the importance of celebrating andTo improve engagement with the local indigenous sharing indigenous culture. We have begun to establishcommunities.relationships with the local indigenous community, andACTIONare looking to further develop these to support localConnect with Indigenous communities.indigenous culture, initiatives, and review diversity aspirations for the workforce. DELIVERABLEIndigenous and Cultural Partnership StrategyFOCUS AREAIndustry OutreachBACKGROUNDACTIONThere is an enormous opportunity to connectConnect with local and global industry partners.with ourindustry to share learnings and to drawDELIVERABLEon the experience of others, and contribute to theIndustry Outreach Strategysustainability of the industry. GOALTo improve engagement and enhance terminal efficiencyand achievement of objectives.FOCUS AREAResearch and Reef PartnershipsBACKGROUNDACTIONPartnering in the protection of the Great BarrierConnect with research partners and promoters Reef (GBR) is fundamental to the success of DBCT.ofreefhealth.Community and stakeholder expectations are highDELIVERABLEwith regard to this unique asset. Reef Partnership Strategy and GOAL Research Partnership StrategyTo improve terminal efficiency and support the health ofthe GBR.31'