b"DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Our Approach to SustainabilityThe top-ranking issues were balanced across the four sustainability pillars:RANKING MATERIAL ISSUE PILLAR FOCUS AREA MAPPED TOBUSINESS Safety1 Terminal Safety PERFORMANCE Terminal Efficiency Change Management and Risk ManagementDredge ManagementHealthy Reef and Ecosystems 2 intheGBRWHA ENVIRONMENT Water Management Clean and Safe Shipping3 Water Quality Management ENVIRONMENT Healthy Reef and Ecosystems Water ManagementHealthy Reef and Ecosystems 4 Protecting WorldENVIRONMENT Water Management HeritageValues Clean and Safe Shipping Research and Reef PartnershipsHealthy Reef and EcosystemsWater Management5 EnvironmentalENVIRONMENT Climate Change and Renewable Energy TransitionManagementSystems Managing Terminal FootprintClean and Safe Shipping Waste Management6 Regulatory Compliance BUSINESS Change Management and Risk Management(State and Commonwealth) PERFORMANCE7 Proactive Safety Programs PEOPLE SafetyPositive Culture and Leadership8 Terminal Efficiency BUSINESS Terminal EfficiencyPERFORMANCE Change Management and Risk Management9 Risk Management Systems BUSINESS Change Management and Risk ManagementPERFORMANCE10 Health and Wellbeing PEOPLE Health and WellbeingCOMMUNITY ANDStakeholder Engagement and Communication11 Community Partnerships PARTNERSHIPS Community InvestmentSponsorship and PartnershipsCoordinated CommunityCOMMUNITY ANDCommunity Investment12 Sponsorship and PARTNERSHIPS Sponsorshipand PartnershipsInvestment Program13 Terminal/Community COMMUNITY ANDStakeholder Engagement and Communication'Interface Management' PARTNERSHIPS14 Management of TerminalENVIRONMENT Managing Terminal FootprintImpacts 15 Biodiversity/Habitat Protection ENVIRONMENT Healthy Reef and Ecosystems and Improvement Managing Terminal FootprintFor a full list of Material Issues mapped to Focus Areas within the Sustainability Strategy, please refer to the Sustainability sections of our respective websites: www.dbctm.com.au or www.dbct.com.au .12"