b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Business performanceBusiness PerformanceWe strive to deliver prosperity by optimising terminal and supply chain performance.DBCT is supporting regional economic prosperity as a majorlocal employer and buying local wherever possible.Focus AreasOur annual direct contribution to the Queensland economyTerminal Efficienciesexceeds $280million and our essential role in the coal export supply chain is an additional indirect contribution.Change Management and Risk ManagementThe coal shipped through DBCT accounts for around 35 perLong-term Prosperitycent of Queensland coal royalty revenues, which comprisedSupply Chain Efficiencyapproximately 7 per cent ofthe states revenue in 20182019 1 . Sustainable ProcurementEnsuring a sustainable terminal is critical to providing a viableAsset Managementcoastal gateway for the coal export trade. Our collaboration and communication with supply chain partnersmining companies, rail operators, ship owners and shipping agentsCASE STUDY encourages transparency, efficiency and improved performance across the supply chain. Corrosion Protection through Pile WrappingSDG alignmentThe existing protective coating on the offshore piles which support the jetty and berth structures, required increasing maintenance efforts to protect the steel structures from corrosion in the harsh marine environment. Rather than continuing to use traditional abrasive blasting and re-painting techniques in the tidal zone, DBCT initiated a What we are already doing program to wrap each of the 1,705 piles in a An Operations Efficiency Improvement Roadmap hasprotective tape wrap system.been initiated to investigate long-term strategic optionsThe program commenced in 2014 and to date almost toimprove efficiency and integrate automation. 793 piles have been wrapped at a cost of $23 million. A Terminal Master Plan has been in place since 2000Thesystem is essentially maintenance free which and is regularly updated to consider current operations,significantly reduces the associated maintenance costs, environmental considerations, long-term strategic planningpotential environmental impacts and safety risks to and future expansion options, taking into considerationpersonnel normally required to scaffold down to the water ourrobust regulatory environment and uniqueline and perform traditional protective treatment repairs. environmental setting.The quality of the systems in place at the terminal is2020 Focusunderpinned by ISO9001 certification.Investigating stockyard mapping andautomationproject.Implementation of new rail ordering processes todrive supply chain efficiency.Implementation of the Operations Efficiency ImprovementRoadmap.Improve supply chain alignment.Enhance operational resilience through review ofbusiness 1Queensland Budget Strategy and Outlook. 20182019 coal royaltiescontinuity processes. and land rents of $4.4bn, State revenue of $60.1bn.20'