b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Our businessCoal Supply Chain DBCT is a critical component in the export supply chain, whichis comprised of mines, a rail network, export terminal We are a vital link in the global coal supplyand shippers. As a result, capacity of the DBCT supply chain chain, accounting for over 30 per cent ofisafunction of mine production capability, below-rail capacity Queensland coal exports and 17 per cent ofand efficiency, above-rail availability and terminal capacity, global metallurgical seaborne coal volumes. aswell as the interface between these assets.Key statistics18 1,021 kmdierent mines shipping through DBCT of rail line to service those mines500+ 600+trains unloaded at DBCT each month vessels loaded each yearExporting to coal customers across30+ ~29%countries of Australian metallurgical coal exports ~5% ~17%of total global seaborne coal exports of world metallurgical seaborne coal exports6'