b"Ships alongside DBCT's offshore infrastructure with a view of the onshore infrastructure and surrounding environment. Our Approach to SustainabilitySustainability is about creating a balance between economic prosperity, protecting the environment, looking after our people and fostering meaningful partnerships with our community and beyond.For DBCT, our ongoing success relies on maintaining a carefulOur processbalance between the responsibility of operating in our unique location and playing a pivotal role in the global steel supply chain.We have undertaken a comprehensive research Sustainability at DBCT means proactively focusing on ourand information-gathering process as adopted people and the community, and leading a balanced approachby other leading organisations, to ensure our to future planning, development and resilience of terminalSustainability Strategy successfully guides our operations within a unique environmental setting. business and practices. The process included:Since 1983, we have been constantly evolving our approachGAP ANALYSIStosustainability, and our daily operations reflect our effortsUnderstanding current policies, strategies, and identifying toembed sustainability in everything we do. gapsand opportunities for the future.At the beginning of 2019 we started developing a robust,MATERIALITY ASSESSMENTcomprehensive and formalised sustainability strategy, basedExtensively engaging with internal and external stakeholders on an industry-leading, four-step approach consistent withtoidentify keysustainability issues.national industry guidelines.This document summarises our overarching SustainabilitySUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY DEVELOPMENTStrategythe shared commitments between DBCTM andBuilding a robust and comprehensive sustainability strategy, DBCT P/L, the areas we believe we can make the biggestincluding short-term and long-term actions.difference, and how we intend to deliver on our promises.FINALISATION AND REPORTINGWe are handling with carethe privilege of our uniqueFinalising the strategy following consultation and feedback location, our people, the community, and the performanceanddefining commitments to future reporting, strategy ofour business. Our future depends on it.reviewand adaption.9"