b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Our Future FocusOur Future FocusThe Sustainability Strategy provides us withWe believe the following will be critical for the successful a robust, evidence-based framework to moveimplementation of the Sustainability Strategy:forward in our journey towards a sustainableCommitment and leadership from the Boards, CEOs and future. Working through the Key Strategicmanagement teams to implement sustainable thinking.Actions will allow us to review the currentAppointment of a cross-divisional, diverse andpractices and programs already in place atmulti-disciplined team to champion sustainability the terminal and identify opportunities foracrosstheorganisations.improvement and innovation into the future. Engagement of all workers in strategy implementation We will build on these initial actions to improve ourandfocusing on a positive culture.performance in line with our Sustainability Principles.Adoption of a whole-of-business approach to sustainability, Thestrategy will be subject to ongoing review and adaptationensuring it is integrated at all levels of the organisation.toensure it remains relevant.Encouragement of continued engagement of internal andexternal stakeholders to enable enduring success.Collaboration and commitment to partnershipsto transform into a sustainable business.Appropriate resourcing to optimally support implementation and delivery.Accountability and transparency, setting targets and defining performance metrics to track sustainability performance.We are committed to sharing our progress with you through sustainability reporting.Aerial view from Rail Loop Dam, including DBCT onshore and offshore infrastructure, Hay Point Coal Terminal (right) and surrounding environment. 32'