b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020Taking ActionEnvironmentKey Strategic ActionsFOCUS AREAHealthy Reef and EcosystemsBACKGROUNDGOALDBCT has a long history of strong environmentalTo progress beyond compliance to enhance performance. This has been underpinned bymonitoring and protection of terrestrial and marine monitoring programs of terrestrial and marineecosystems, including the GBRWHA.ecosystems to meet regulatory obligations.ACTIONThisincludes the offshore sediment managementConsolidate, communicate and improve the monitoring program completed inpartnershipscopeof environmental monitoring programs.withNQBP and BMA.DELIVERABLEBiodiversity and Environmental MonitoringStrategyFOCUS AREAWater ManagementBACKGROUNDGOALWater quantity and quality are fundamental issuesTo continue to improve water quality and ensure to be managed to ensure operational water supplywatersecurity.is maintained and regulatory and communityACTIONexpectations are met. Other water sources also needDevelop an all-encompassing approach careful consideration to determine managementtowatermanagement.options and improvements. The $55m investment in water quality improvement projects to improve waterDELIVERABLEstorage and the quality of water discharged from theWater Management Strategysite illustrates DBCTs commitment to this.FOCUS AREAClimate Change and Renewable Energy TransitionBACKGROUNDACTIONAction on climate change is expected by a rangeMap out our approach to minimising of stakeholders and in line with modern corporateemissionsand consider mitigation, resilience governance. A proactive position on this issue andandadaptationmeasures.actionto reduce carbon emissions has been identified. DELIVERABLEGOAL Climate Change Risk Assessment To improve our operations to minimise emissionsClimateChangeStrategyanddevelop infrastructure resilience.26'