b'DBCT Sustainability Strategy 2020PeoplePeopleWe encourage a positive culture of safety, diversity, transparency, innovative thinking and empowerment in our people. At DBCT we recognise our people are key to our continued success. By offering ongoing learning and developmentFocus Areasopportunities focused on strategic, innovative and solutions- Safetyfocused thinking, we are empowering our people and future-proofing our workforce.Positive Culture and LeadershipThe health and safety of our people is paramount, whetherProactive Communication and Innovative Thinkingthey be employees, contractors or visitors to the site. Ongoing Learning and DevelopmentThe contribution our people make to a sustainable future willHealth and Wellbeingbe critical to our success. We encourage and value their ideasWorkforce for the Futureand participation.SDG alignment CASE STUDYSafety Through InnovationOffshore shiploader machines travel along berths on steel rails and to prevent corrosion of the rails, a rust inhibitor product must be applied.Traditionally the inhibitor was applied by brush androller What we are already doing by personnel suspended from ropes. Given the increased risk and extensive labour hours associated with this DBCT has a mature safety system in place,approach an alternative method was necessary.underpinnedbyISO45001 certification. The concept and design for an Inhibitor Applicator Since 2010, DBCT has encouraged feedback throughcame from a DBCT employee and was constructed by employee engagement surveys focused on culture,a local engineering company. The Inhibitor Applicator safety,innovation and sustainability. is a trolley concept which allows personnel to safely A Domestic and Family Violence Guideline has beenapply the product from a platform on the shiploader introduced with an aim to provide a supportive workmachine as it traverses the berth. This initiative not only environment where employees who are experiencingeliminates the risk of working at heights, it has provided orare impacted by domestic and family violence cansignificant cost savings and efficiency gains.seekhelpandsupport.DBCT introduced the Transition to Retirement Program2020 Focusto support employees plans to transition to retirement includingretaining and transferring valuable skills andImplement actions identified in safety culture plan.knowledge and maintaining their connection with DBCT. Investigate and foster innovation opportunities.DBCT introduced the Flexible Work Program, recognisingDevelop and implement culture improvement plan the need to balance work life with personal and familyincludingdiversity and inclusion focused actions.commitments, by giving employees more control overStrategic workforce planning.how,when and where their work gets done. Employee Health & Wellbeing Program.In 2019 we undertook steps to address and mitigate modern slavery risks, these included; informing our supply chain members, updating our contracts, policies and procedures, and training our staff in regards to our responsibilities.16'