DBCT Management’s sustainability approach puts health, safety, environment and community at the forefront of decision-making and daily operations. Our sustainability objectives are embedded in the way we conduct our business to help ensure the terminal will be sustainable well into the future, and have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. Strong sustainability objectives benefit the environment, our communities, stakeholders and investors through efficiency of operations and reduced risk.

Our key sustainability objectives are to:

  • Ensure the well-being and safety of employees
  • Be good stewards in the communities in which we operate through community engagement and philanthropy
  • Mitigate impacts of our operations on the environment
  • Conduct business according to the highest ethical and legal/regulatory standards

A summary of the terminal’s current approach to sustainability is available via the following brochure:

DBCT – Sustainability in Action

DBCTM and DBCT P/L are currently undertaking to formalise a joint long-term Sustainability Strategy for the terminal.

This Strategy will build on sustainability activities that have evolved over the terminal’s 36-year history and will use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) platform to help test and shape strategy commitments and actions.

Our intention is to regularly report on our progress and sustainability performance.