DBCT Management and the terminal operator, DBCT P/L, are both dedicated to managing the terminal’s operations to limit its impact environment on the environment.

Under the Terminal Operator’s contract (‘OMC’), the independent terminal Operator – DBCT P/L, has responsibility for implementation and operation of environmental management systems consistent with the provisions of the Environmental Authority (‘EA’), negotiated with the Department of Environment and Science (formerly the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection). The terminal Operator is deemed to have daily management control of the site and so has regulatory responsibility/accountability for the daily environmental performance of the terminal.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) put in place by DBCT P/L demonstrates the commitment to not just meeting environmental obligations, but also the expectations of stakeholders and the community. More information regarding the EMS and its ISO14001 certification can be found by via the following link to the DBCT P/L website below.

The focus of environmental management includes limiting the impact on local air quality, protecting water resources, limiting noise emissions and protecting the local habitat. More information regarding the way each of these areas are managed can be found via the DBCT P/L website.


DBCT Management are active and long-term supporters of the local community. We work closely with council representatives and residents to share updates on expansion plans, ensuring that we address any concerns the community may have.


DBCT Management seeks to work with and to include the community as much as possible in all programs and projects relating to DBCT. DBCT Management participates in regular community engagement initiatives to ensure the community is well informed on expansion plans, daily issues and to continually address all community concerns.

Additionally, DBCT Management and Brookfield have a long history of making regular contributions to many worthy and appropriate programs in Mackay and surrounding areas for the betterment of the local community.