Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) was established as a common-user terminal and commenced operations in 1983.

The terminal’s two main commercial coal categories are Metallurgical Coal, used in the production of steel and Thermal Coal, used in power generation. Approx. 80% of DBCT exports are metallurgical coal. All products are transported to the terminal from mines in the Bowen Basin via state of the art electrified rail which ensures smooth processing from the mines to one of DBCT’s three receival stations. From there, coal is transported via a conveyor belt network to the stockyard or straight to the wharf to be loaded onto a vessel.

DBCT is a critical component in the Bowen Basin export coal supply chain and caters for around 7% of total global seaborne coal exports and 21% of world metallurgical seaborne coal exports. As such, it is the strategic common user gateway for the Bowen Basin coal fields.

Owned by the Queensland State Government, the Terminal is leased to DBCT Management on a 99 year lease comprising a 50 year lease with a 49 year option. Through significant capital investment since being awarded the lease in 2001, DBCT Management has expanded the capacity of the terminal to its current nameplate capacity of 85 mtpa.

DBCT is declared for third party access under the Queensland Competition Authority Act with terms and conditions of access regulated by a QCA approved access undertaking. The current access undertaking expires on 30 June 2021. DBCT’s current declaration assessment expires in September 2020.

DBCT’s management are committed to providing a safe, efficient and cost-effective port solution for both producers and consumers of high quality Australian export coals.