2010 DAU: Approved Draft Access Undertaking in place from 1 January 2010 to 30 June 2016

2015 DAU: Draft Access Undertaking submitted by DBCTM in October 2015

2017 AU: Approved Access Undertaking in place from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2021

ACCC: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ARR: Annual Revenue Requirement, approved by the QCA

AU: Access Undertaking – sets out terms of access to the terminal. AU is approved by the QCA

BG: Bank Guarantee

DAU: Draft Access Undertaking

DAAU: Draft Amending Access Undertaking

DBCTM: DBCT Management Pty Limited, DBCT Group of entities

DBCT P/L: Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Limited – the Operator of the terminal

DBCT Holdings P/L: A state government entity, lessor of the terminal, counterparty to the PSA

DSR: Debt Service Reserve – 6-months interest expense held

FFO: Funds From Operations

FIRB: Foreign Investment Review Board

Handling: Handling Charges are the costs of the Operator under the OMC. These are a pass-through in DBCT Management‘s accounts

HCC: Hard coking coal

IDC: Interest During Construction – for calculating RAB addition. Includes financing and ROE during construction

IUN: Initial Undertaking Notice – issued by QCA

Mtpa: Million tonnes per annum

NECAP: Non-expansionary capital works. Cost of these projects are added to DBCTM’s RAB

NQBP: North Queensland Bulk Ports – a state government entity and port authority for the Port of Hay Point

OMC: Operations and Maintenance Contract between DBCTM and DBCT P/L

Operator: DBCT P/L

PCG: Parent company guarantee

PCI: PCI – type of coal, used in the pulverised coal injection method in a blast furnace

PSA: Ports Services Agreement

QCA: Queensland Competition Authority

RAB: Regulated Asset Base

RBA: Reserve Bank of Australia – Australia’s central bank

Revenue Cap: DBCTM’s annual revenue or ARR as approved by the QCA

RfR: Risk-free rate – based on the five-year government bond rate

ROE: Return on equity

TIC: Terminal Infrastructure Charge. The per tonne rate charge to the customers for access to the terminal

SAA: Standard Access Agreement – standard form contract for access at DBCT

SUN: Second Undertaking Notice – issued by QCA

WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital – determines DBCTM’s “return on asset” component of its revenues

WHS: Workplace Health & Safety

WQIP: Water Quality Improvement Projects – NECAP works undertaken at DBCT to improve environmental outcomes