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Anthony Timbrell

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Timbrell joined DBCT Management in 2008, and leads an experienced and dedicated team who take pride in managing a world-class asset for the benefit of shareholders, customers and the wider community.

Mr Timbrell has previously worked for both major Australian mining houses and as well as smaller private operations in marketing and logistics roles. Mr Timbrell  was a customer representative during the negotiation of the original Access Undertaking for DBCT and has a keen appreciation for the coal industry generally. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Newcastle.

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Stephanie Commons

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Commons commenced her career in accounting at Ernst & Young and spent over eight years working in Corporate Finance and Corporate Restructuring in Ernst & Young’s Brisbane and London offices. During this time, Ms. Commons managed numerous due diligence, restructuring and advisory assignments for both listed and private equity clients in the UK, Europe and US.

Prior to joining DBCT in 2006, Ms. Commons managed forensic assignments for the ATO and AFP and held consulting and management roles for both international corporates and advisory firms. Ms. Commons holds a Bachelor of Science (Computing) from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Business – Accountancy (with Distinction) from the Queensland University of Technology. She has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1994.

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Peter Wotherspoon

Project Director

Peter Wotherspoon joined DBCT Management in 2001 and currently holds the position of Project Director.

Mr Wotherspoon has more than 30 year’s experience managing construction projects that involve  heavy industrial/materialsprojects  operating “brownfields” environment. He has been an involved with expansions of DBCT since the Stage 3 Expansion in 1997 and his extensive operational knowledge of the terminal and coal chain has guided the future planning and optimisation of the terminal over the last 15 years.

Mr Wotherspoon holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Graduate Diploma in Administration both from the University of Technology, Sydney.

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Jonathan Blakey

General Manager – Commercial and Regulation

Jonathan is responsible for the commercial and regulatory matters associated with the ownership of DBCT. Mr Blakey joined DBCT Management in 2010, and during his time has supported corporate transactions and strategic planning processes for both DBCT Management and its parent company Brookfield, including the execution of new investments.

Prior to joining DBCT Management, Mr Blakey led the Treasury Accounting team at Suncorp Bank. During his time at the bank, he gained significant exposure to complex financial and reporting issues during the GFC.

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) and a Bachelor of Business Management (Management & Organisations) from the University of Queensland. He has been a member of CPA Australia since 2005.

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Jesse Knight

General Manager – Operations

Having joined DBCT Management in 2002, Jesse has a deep understanding of the terminal, the DBCT supply chain and the DBCT Access regime. Jesse is the face of DBCT Management for our customers; responsible for negotiating access agreements, delivering operational performance initiatives and driving DBCT supply chain improvements.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Masters of Business Administration (Maritime and Logistics Management).

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Rebecca O'Donnell

General Manager – Risk, Governance & Sustainability

Rebecca’s role within DBCT Management is to ensure best practice in governance, risk management and compliance.

Rebecca has worked for DBCT Management and its infrastructure parent group since 2003. She commenced her career in a public chartered accounting practice and since then has held various senior financial and analyst roles with a governance and compliance focus.

Since transferring to DBCT Management in 2012 Rebecca has led the organisation in recognising the importance of balancing the varying expectations of stakeholders and the need to manage the sustainability of the business and the terminal.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1998.