b'Taking ActionEach pillar of the Sustainability Framework coversThe key strategic actions have been developed to provide an specific Focus Areas. A Key Strategic Action has beenoverview and a strategic approach to consolidating information, developed for each Focus Area and targeted actions anddetermining scope, creating a future vision anddelivering potential initiatives have been identified which will contributepathways and targeted actions.to achieving the defined goals.FOCUS AREAS FOCUS AREAS PeopleSafety Healthy Reef and EcosystemsPositive Culture and Leadership Water Management FOCUS AREA ACTIONProactive CommunicationClimate Change and Renewable Safety Continue to embed a positive and proactive safety culture.and Innovative Thinking Energy TransitionPositive Culture and Leadership Drive positive and proactive leadership.Ongoing LearningPeople Environment Managing Terminal Proactive Communication and and Development Encourage a positiveLeading in environmentalFootprint Innovative Thinking Ensure open, clear and transparent pathways to share information and ideas.Health andculture of safety, diversity,management, acknowledgingWaste Management Ongoing Learning and Development Empower employees by encouraging opportunities to learn and thrive.Wellbeing transparency, innovativeour unique location in the WorldHealth and Wellbeing Encourage holistic wellbeing for all individuals at DBCT.Workforce forthinking and empowermentHeritage Area and proximityClean andin our people. to neighbouring communities. Safe Shipping Workforce for the Future Consider the skills of the present workforce and the requirements for the future.the FutureFOCUS AREAS Community and BusinessFOCUS AREAS EnvironmentStakeholderPartnerships Performance Terminal EcienciesEngagement and Communication Connecting with theDelivering prosperity throughChange Management FOCUS AREA ACTIONCommunity Investment,community and partnersoptimising the terminal andand Risk Management Healthy Reef and Ecosystems Consolidate, communicate and improve the scope of environmental monitoring programs.Sponsorship andto drive positive change. supply chain performance. Long-term Prosperity Water Management Develop an all-encompassing approach to water management.PartnershipsClimate Change and RenewableMap out our approach to minimising emissions and consider mitigation, resilienceSustainability ReportingSupply Chain Eciency EnergyTransition and adaptation measures.and EducationSustainable Procurement Enhance environmental impact management through a review of current practices, Indigenous and Cultural Relationships Managing Terminal Footprintidentification of improvement opportunities and appropriate communication.Industry Outreach Asset Management Waste Management Minimise waste generation and address sustainable procurement.Research and Reef Partnerships Clean and Safe Shipping Influence clean, safe and efficient shipping.Business PerformanceFOCUS AREA ACTIONTerminal Efficiencies Adopt an innovative, collaborative and strategic approach to improve terminal efficiencies.Change Management and RiskStandardise the approach to change management and review the currentManagement approach to risk management.Long-term Prosperity Robust, evidence-based long-term planning.Supply Chain Efficiency To provide leadership and collaborate with supply chain stakeholders.Sustainable Procurement Improve communication and processes for procuring goods, materials, services and labour. Asset Management Develop a holistic approach to asset management.Community and PartnershipsFOCUS AREA ACTIONStakeholder Engagement andImprove connection with local community and stakeholders.CommunicationCommunity Investment, Develop a long-term strategic approach to supporting the community.Sponsorship and PartnershipsSustainability Reporting and Education Actively review and report on sustainability progress.Indigenous and Cultural Partnerships Connect with indigenous communities.Industry Outreach Connect with local and global industry partners.Research and Reef Partnerships Connect with research partners and promotors of reef health.For more informationplease refer to our full strategy document available on our websites.'