AUTOMOTIVE CONSTRUCTION BRIDGES RAILWAYS AIRCRAFT SHIPPING WIND TURBINES APPLIANCES 04 | THE COAL IS TRANSPORTED FROM THE STOCKPILES TO THE WHARF BY CONVEYOR THE COAL IS LOADED ONTO SHIPS READY FOR TRANSPORTATION DBCT...  JUST ONE LINK  IN THE CHAIN FACTORIES AROUND THE WORLD USE STEEL TO PRODUCE A WIDE RANGE OF ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS DBCT is one of the critical components of the coal supply chain, transporting metallurgical coal used in the production of steel. Steel is essential to the construction and manufacturing industries, which are responsible for creating the infrastructure and everyday products we all depend on. DBCT’s stakeholders include the mines that extract coal, the rail providers that transport coal to the terminal, shipping agencies, steel mills, and ultimately, the consumers of steel and steel products. THE COAL IS EXPORTED FROM DBCT ALL OVER THE WORLD COAL MINERS EXTRACT AND PROCESS THE COAL READY FOR TRANSPORT THE COAL IS TRANSPORTED BY THE RAIL PROVIDERS TO THE RAIL RECEIVAL AT DBCT THE COAL IS TRANSPORTED BY CONVEYOR BELT TO STOCKPILES