| 03 DBCT is the world’s third largest coal export  terminal. Servicing approximately 20 coal producers  within the Central Bowen Basin, the terminal  is a critical component in the coal export supply  chain. Having commenced operations in 1983,  the facility is located 38 kilometres south  of Mackay, Queensland, at the Port of Hay Point. KEY FACTS TRANSPORTATION OF METALLURGICAL COAL ~ 8O% METALLURGICAL COAL IS A KEY COMPONENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF STEEL TRANSPORTATION OF THERMAL COAL ~ 2O% THERMAL COAL IS USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTRICITY CAPACITY MILLION TONNES PER ANNUM (MTPA)85 EXPORTS TOTAL GLOBAL SEABORNE COAL EXPORTS ~ 5% WORLD METALLURGICAL SEABORNE COAL EXPORTS ~ 18% QUEENSLAND COAL EXPORTS > 3O% ECONOMY DIRECT ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION TO QUEENSLAND ECONOMY  > $25O MILLION INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTED IN TERMINAL INFRASTRUCTURE SINCE 2005 > $1.7 BILLION PEOPLE EMPLOYEES ~ 4OO CONTRACTORS ON SITE DURING MAJOR WORKS 3OO – 7OO ABOUT DBCT The Central Bowen Basin is home to some of the highest quality coal deposits in the world. More than 80% of the coal handled by DBCT is high quality metallurgical coal used exclusively in the production of steel. Typical coal shipped through DBCT has low levels of sulphur, ash and other trace elements. Thermal coal exported through DBCT is also typically low in moisture with a higher energy content than thermal coal produced in other regions, making it more efficient in the production of electricity. MACKAY DBCT BOWEN BASIN