02 | A message from ANTHONY TIMBRELL Chief Executive Officer DBCT Management Pty Limited  Sustainability is of critical importance to our business and we recognise that DBCTM and DBCT P/L together have an important role to play in contributing to a more sustainable supply chain. Our aim is to deliver an overall positive net social benefit to the local region while working tirelessly to minimise our impact on the environment and local communities. As the long-term lessee of one of the world’s largest coal terminal operations, we have a responsibility to set an example globally to mitigate environmental impacts from our operations. This includes protecting the sensitive Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area in which the terminal operates. Our progress on sustainability is well on its way and is demonstrated by significant investments in water storage, and dust monitoring and mitigation projects, however there is more work to do. In 2019, we will establish a sustainability baseline and formalise a Sustainability Strategy. Our focus is to establish a clear set of sustainability commitments underpinned by a detailed action plan while formally communicating our activities and sustainability performance through public reporting. We look forward to sharing our journey. A message from STEVE RAE Chief Executive Officer Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd Sustainability underpins our daily business operations at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd (DBCT P/L). We believe sustainability is about maintaining best business practices, doing what we say we will do, and contributing to lasting benefits for everyone. We are dedicated to achieving operational excellence by continuously exploring sustainable improvements to ensure we reliably deliver the standard of service our customers and stakeholders expect. We strive to meet our environmental obligations as well as stakeholder and community expectations at the terminal. We aim to minimise potential impacts to the surrounding environment and local communities through sustainable processes and strategies. Our ongoing commitment to valuing our environment is demonstrated through the terminal’s robust environmental management system, certified to ISO 14001, environmental initiatives, partnerships with local environmental organisations, and Community Working Group. The health, safety and wellbeing of our people and the surrounding communities is paramount, and is demonstrated by our programs and daily actions. We work hard at DBCT P/L, and, together with DBCTM, we are committed to proactively achieving long-term sustainable environmental, governance, operational and community-focused outcomes, to benefit future generations.