| 01 Our purpose is to safely and efficiently transport coal from trains, through the terminal and onto shipping vessels. Sustainability considerations are at the forefront of decisions we make as we set about our daily business. We are committed to addressing actual and potential negative impacts to the environment, our people, and local communities, not only through a comprehensive suite of governance mechanisms and monitoring programs but in how we behave every day. The location of terminal infrastructure offshore within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area carries with it a responsibility to ensure our operations continue to have no detrimental impact on this sensitive ecosystem. Our current sustainable development objectives ensure the terminal remains viable and contributes lasting benefits to society through the consideration of environmental, social and economic aspects of our business. We recognise the increasing necessity for all companies to be transparent and accountable in the way business is conducted, and to contribute to a more sustainable planet. In response to this, DBCT Management Pty Limited (DBCTM, terminal lessee/ manager) and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd (DBCT P/L, terminal operator), collectively DBCT, together are planning for the future in formalising a joint long-term ‘Sustainability Strategy’ for the terminal. The Strategy will build on sustainability activities that have evolved over the terminal’s proud 36-year history and will use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) platform to help test and shape strategy commitments and actions. During 2019, DBCT’s Sustainability Strategy will be developed through a series of focused activities including a materiality assessment, and engagement with key stakeholders to develop specific actions, goals and targets. We will report publicly on our progress and sustainability performance on a periodic basis. Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) plays  a pivotal role in the coal supply chain, handling  predominantly metallurgical coal for steel  making, and a small proportion of thermal  coal, from Australia’s Central Queensland  Bowen Basin mines to the rest of the world. SUSTAINABILITY: OUR JOURNEY DBCTM DBCT P/L DBCT LESSEE OPERATOR OMC