DBCT was granted the long-term lease of the terminal from the State government in 2001, at which time the operations and maintenance of the terminal were sub-contracted to Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd (DBCT P/L).

DBCT P/L is owned by a majority of the terminal’s customers, ensuring a strong alignment of interests and a strong incentive to ensure the facility continues to be efficiently operated and well maintained.

This arrangement also allows for 100% of operating and maintenance costs incurred to be passed through to the customers of the terminal. This operating and recharging structure is supported by the QCA.

DBCT shares a strategic intent with the Operator as outlined below:

  • Safety and Environment: Leadership in Health, Safety and Environmental performance
  • Operating and Maintenance Contract Compliance: Effective management and review of the OMC to meet the current and future requirements of DBCT
  • Operating Performance and Cost Management: Maximise terminal capability safely and efficiently, consistent with achieving optimal service levels
  • Organisational Effectiveness: Build and sustain a world leading terminal workforce
  • Stakeholder Relationships: Engage stakeholders to enhance terminal and coal chain efficiency
  • Expansion: Achieve sustained growth, through the successful integration of expansion activities into normal business

DBCT Terminal Regulations

Click here to download the Terminal Regulations for DBCT.